Innovation Ignition Programme

The Innovation Ignition Program is a socioeconomic strategy aimed at supporting entrepreneurs aspiring to initiate projects aimed at building their community’s ability to supply their growing demand for goods and services. The long-term goal of this project is to have entrepreneurs owning the means of production in their communities and supplying their own markets, creating a circular economy. In the process, the community-based entities will obtain the relevant skills and knowledge needed to close the gaps and develop their businesses. In return, they will lift themselves out of poverty, while reducing inequality and their community’s unemployment rate.


Key Objectives of the IIP

  • Enable access to information and infrastructure for skills development in preparation for

4th Industrial Revolution.

  • Train and mentor up and coming innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Drive innovation from grassroots levels (local government)
  • Promotion of technology and innovation related activities in townships and rural areas
  • To coordinate and support innovation from idea to commercialization.
  • Enhance innovation support for entrepreneurs and innovators in the province.



  • Train the Trainer Course: Training aimed at the IIP managers and center coordinators which will include basic ICT training, idea to commercialisation road map, client liaison and stakeholder management and financial management.
  • Idea-to-Business Master Class: Training for innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Enterprise Development

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