Letter to all Moses Kotane Institute Students


Dear Student,

We trust that you are safe during this period as the nation works towards conquering the COVID19 pandemic. This letter is applicable to current and new students who have just received bursary award letters for 2020.
We have been notified that university administration offices are operational and that academic programmes are continuing online or remotely. The Institute would like to ensure that you are not left out.
Students are requested to do the following, in the same order, as it may be applicable:
a. Email outstanding documents and proof of registration by no later than Friday 8 May 2020 to Ms Majozi [email protected]
b. Acknowledge the Bursary terms and conditions in writing via e-mail by Friday 8 May 2020 to Ms Majozi (terms and conditions will be available from 4 May 2020 on www.moseskotane.com)
c. Bursary has terms and conditions. Requests for deviation from this will be sent to us by your university in writing, or by the student with a written authorisation from the university which can be done via e-mail e.g. request to swop one item for another (within the same amount stated in the letter) only when required as circumstances may dictate. We are aware that students have been at home and not been attending most part of this academic year so far and this may impact on accommodation/transport and meals. The Institute has a right to decline swop request if it does not meet the terms of the bursary.
d. The payment as per the letter of the award shall be effected and sent to your University which will disburse funds. Approach your university for disbursement or financial clearance from 15 May 2020 onwards subject to the submission of required items and your university administration’s policies.
e. You are further requested to continue supporting and checking on each other as MKI family members during the COVID19 lockdown stages.
MKI is currently developing new systems to operate fully digitally from the next cycle onwards. Let us embrace this digital revolution and a new way of doing things.

Yours sincerely,
Thandeka Ellenson
Acting Chief Executive Officer